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Name Wakin
Japanese name Wakin
Year of Origin Unknown (ancient period)
Country of Origin China
Breeder -

The common appeared through crucian carp mutation sometime between 265 and 419, and the carp is progenitor of all goldfish. After that their tails have changed into fantails such as triple-tail or twin-tail. They are now known as the Wakin. The Wakin was brought to Japan (Sakai, Osaka) in the middle of the Muromachi Era (1502). All kinds of goldfish that exist now evolved from the Wakin, being the original species of all goldfish. Why are they called ‘Wakin’ even though they were brought from China? It goes back to the middle of the Edo Era (1716-1829), when new kinds of goldfish such as the Ryukin started to appear on the market, they were named ‘Wakin’ in order to distinguish traditional goldfish from new goldfish. ‘Wakin’ indicates traditional goldfish.

Features Of all goldfish, the Wakin is the closest to the crucian carp, with a very similar shape. They move very quickly and their vitality is exceptionally strong. Their tail fins are categorized into three types: single tail, twin tail (double-tail) and triple tail. For viewing pleasure, Wakin which have the beautiful red-white body color with a triple tail are the most valued goldfish.
Acquisition difficulties Easy. The Wakin is the most common type of goldfish used to play goldfish scooping. You can purchase them anywhere, such as at home centers.
Rearing difficulties Easy. They are a very strong kind of goldfish. Compared to others, it is said they are tremendously strong. They have a long life expectancy of more than ten years and can grow to over thirty centimeters. They are the best kind goldfish for first-time goldfish owners.
Details of the above photo

The Wakin in the picture has a wonderful twin-tail with a very beautiful red-white pattern. Wakin with triple or quadruple tails are distinguished from other Koaka or Anekin that are used for goldfish scooping or are sold at home centers.

Other The longest life span record for goldfish is 45 years old! It was a goldfish named "Goldie" who lived in England. Goldie was a Wakin type of goldfish.

Wakin Type
Ryukin Type
Oranda Type
Rnachu Type
Calico Ryukin
Calico Telescope
Calico Oranda
Blue Oranda
Chocolate Oranda
Crown Pearlscale
Butterfly tail
Redcap Oranda
Calico Ranchu
Sakura Ranchu
Pom pom
Bubble Eye
Celestial Eye

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